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Workshop Repairs

Certus Biomedical Workshop Repairs

Certus Biomedical takes pride in providing the highest level of customer service and support. We offer remote technical support with our customer service team trained to handle any issue that can arise with your clinical equipment.

Our in house repair center is designed specifically with veterinary equipment in mind, and has areas designated to the repair of electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment. Using the latest in medical test equipment, we can ensure your equipment is repaired and tested to the highest standard.

Certus Biomedical Anesthetic
Vaporiser Service Center

Certus Biomedical has a specialised anaesthetic vaporiser service centre. These very specialised devices require a lab designed to handle the volatile agents, to be fully serviced. We don’t just check that vaporisers work; we ensure they stripped completely and receive a full new set of seals and serviceable parts. This means your anaesthetic vaporiser will work safely and accurately throughout its lifetime.

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