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Clipper Blade and Scissor Sharpening

Recycle vs. Replace Your Blades

As we look towards a future where we try to recycle and re-use, then blade sharpening is an affordable and efficient way to extend the life of your clipper blades and avoid having to buy new sets. Blades will blunt over time and use, however they can be sharpened multiple times, so no need to keep purchasing.

Certus Biomedical now offers clipper blade sharpening nationwide.

Our newly built sharpening shop uses the latest in high precision lapping and grinding equipment to ensure your blades are returned to you as sharp as when they were first purchased. We also clean, inspect and re-tension your blades prior to returning them so they arrive looking like new.

We also provide scissor sharpening

Please download your freepost shipping label here to get started.

What Can NOT Be Sharpened

Disposable Blades

Anything with plastic in the blade

Ceramic Blades

Ceramic Blades cannot be sharpened but may be Replaceable.

What CAN Be Sharpened

Equine Clipper Blades

A5 Clipper Blades


Please download our freepost shipping label here to get started.