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Anaesthetic Vaporiser Service

Our vaporiser service/exchange program performed at our state of the are ISO 13485:2016 service centre provides the customer a quick and easy solution to maintain their vaporiser compliance. Our exchange program is ‘like for like’ meaning the customer will request a fully serviced and calibrated vaporiser that will be sent to the clinic, hospital or research facility. Once the customer has received their newly certified vaporiser they will use the prepaid shipping label and customised packaging to return their vaporiser of the same series, agent, filler and mount.

Certus Biomedical has the capability to service and calibrate vaporiser types across the line. Our unique service/exchange program allows for:

Field Servicing & PPM

Certus Biomedical offer a national field maintenance and breakdown service. Our highly trained field service team cover the whole of the UK. Each Certus van carries state of the art test equipment and a huge range of spare parts.

We can react to emergency breakdowns on a vast range of equipment and, with a huge stock of spare parts and specialist tolls, should have your practice up and running with minimal downtime.

Each engineer can perform pre planned maintenance on equipment ranging from anaesthetic machines to surgical lights, and with the latest in-field service technology, they can generate service reports and calibration certificates instantly.

All reports are available through our dedicated service portal, which is available on desktop and mobile devices, just search on the appstore or visit portal.certusbiomed.com.

We offer a range of service contracts to suit all practices, contact us today to find out more.

Workshop Repairs

Certus Biomedical takes pride in providing the highest level of customer service and support. We offer remote technical support with our customer service team trained to handle any issue that can arise with your clinical equipment.

Our in house repair centre is designed specifically with veterinary equipment in mind, and has areas designated to the repair of electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment. Using the latest in medical test equipment, we can ensure your equipment is repaired and tested to the highest standard.

Certus Biomedical has a specialised anaesthetic vaporiser service centre. These very specialised devices require a lab designed to handle the volatile agents, to be fully serviced. We don’t just check that vaporisers work; we ensure they stripped completely and receive a full new set of seals and serviceable parts. This means your anaesthetic vaporiser will work safely and accurately throughout its lifetime.

Asset Management

Modern veterinary practice requires a vast amount of specialist equipment and practices are required to keep all this equipment maintained to ensure patient and user safety. This can be a difficult task with so many different devices and regulations to keep track of.

At Certus Biomedical, we provide asset management services which take care of all this administration work, allowing practices to concentrate on the thing that matters most, taking care of patients. All of your certificates and equipment information in one place, and all tracked and managed by our expert team.

Emergency Repair Services

We are proud to offer a full nationwide call out service whenever you need us, we guarantee an initial response from an engineer within 1 hour, and can often solve problems free of charge over the phone without the need for an engineer visit, meaning you can rely on our support when you need it the most.

Blade Sharpening

Certus Biomedical now offers clipper blade sharpening to veterinary practices nationwide.

Our newly built sharpening shop uses the latest in high precision lapping and grinding equipment to ensure your blades are returned to you as sharp as when they were first purchased. We also clean, inspect and re-tension your blades prior to returning them so they arrive looking like new.