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Anaesthetic Vaporiser Service

Certus Biomedical Vaporiser Service/Exchange Program

Our vaporiser service/exchange program performed at our state of the art ISO 13485:2016 service centre provides the customer a quick and easy solution to maintain their vaporiser compliance. Our exchange program is ‘like for like’ meaning the customer will request a fully serviced and calibrated vaporiser that will be sent to the clinic, hospital or research facility. Once the customer has received their newly certified vaporiser they will use the prepaid shipping label and customised packaging to return their vaporiser of the same series, agent, filler and mount.

Certus Biomedical has the capability to service and calibrate vaporiser types across the line. Our unique service/exchange program allows for:

Alternatively we can provide a field service engineer to exchange your vaporisers. Get in touch today to arrange your exchange.

Working from our state of the art vaporiser service centre, our expertly trained anaesthesia engineers carry out the highest quality vaporiser servicing within the industry, guaranteeing reliability and safety for both users and patients.